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Biological resources of the White Sea are widely used in the food industry. Extensive fishery (to 600 t. pood.); it is caught: herring, salmon, cod, navaga, smelts, etc. Considerable sea crafts - at Tersky coast beat seals (lysuno; in the north collect eggs much and beat wild birds - seagulls, gavka (eider down). Fishery in the White Sea is developed both at the amateur level, and in industrial scale.

. The underwater world of the White Sea is rich and peculiar. The surface of rocks overgrew soft corals, aktiniya, sponges and hydroides. In cracks and between stones starfishes, ofiura, crabs and shrimps creep. From fishes the catfish, a grouper, a flounder and fish-pinogor often meets. It is possible to see crayfish eremites and the most rare ofiura with the exotic name - the gorgona head.

With approach of winter the sea, gradually cooling down, gives to the land heat. The Oteplyayushchy role of the sea affects and in rather high (-9,4 or-9,6 °C) the average temperature of January. Since February oteplyayushchy influence of the sea which by this time already cooled down decreases, and the climate accepts more continental character; February — the coldest month (average temperature is-15,2 °C). However at invasion of warm air from Atlantic air temperature increases to-6 - - 7os, and shift to the area of the sea of an anti-cyclone from the Arctic causes a cold snap to-24 - 26os below. In the winter water temperature on a surface is equal in gulfs - 0,5os, with depth it falls to - 3os.

The fauna of the White Sea though it more poorly than other North Sea, is exclusively interesting and peculiar because of the mixed character and belongs to the moderate and Arctic. On treeless rocks of islands bird's markets, various on specific structure, settle down - cormorants, seagulls, morwennols and others nest here. Especially there is a lot of cormorants here - in August in nests baby birds of different age sit.