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More than others epidermis and hypodermic fatty cellulose are warmed in a steam room. Warmly directly affects epifitarny germs, giving the chance to get into depth of skin. Temperature which the majority of skin fungi can transfer, makes 37 °C, i.e. skin gains much more high temperatures in a steam room. In addition, sweat glands excrete a large number of a secret, the otrubevidny peeling of epidermis takes place, at the expense of all these factors the steam room promotes reduction of number of microorganisms on skin.

The factor defining the beginning of reaction of an organism to high temperature is the irritation heat of the corresponding fields of a gipotalamus. In a steam room the general warming up of a body happens to hot air rather slowly, however as a result of giving of heat to the top air ways and soft external sites of a neck quickly enough there is a change of temperature on a carotid site.

Very often after visit of a steam room people go to have a rest in razdevalny office, having forgotten to wash away from a body sweat. Skin cools down and on the 3-5th minute starts soaking up in an organism everything that on it is. Therefore right after a steam room it is necessary to take a warm shower and to be rubbed off by a towel. Only after that it is possible to have a rest or swim for a while in the pool. It is necessary to be rinsed under a shower after each calling pair office.

Also the bath promotes relaxation of muscles, activization of a metabolism, is the tempering procedure (if immersion in cold water after a sweating room is used). The bath can be means of removal of exhaustion, maintenance, a specific form of training of muscles, improvements of elastichesky and power processes in them, increases of functionality - increases in force, endurance.

It is known that release of sweat belongs to those functions of skin which can be developed and which without the corresponding training degrade. Due to systematic training visit of a steam room possible to achieve adequate work of sweat glands, as a rule.

On the basis of new data it is possible to use more effectively in a steam room aromatic infusions and oils. If considered earlier that the steamed-out skin will be enriched with medicinal steam, now we know that the composition of medicinal air in a steam room will influence only as inhalation a nasopharynx And that these medicinal infusions got to an organism, it is necessary to be rubbed with them after acceptance of a shower - when skin starts cooling down.

Remember: cosmetic masks should be put after from skin everything is removed that on it remained after a steam room; only during this period, when skin will cease to excrete sweat, will start cooling down, the mask will make impact.

This fact has to be instructive for those people who use a steam room as active means, to drive weight. For example, it is athletes both in the course of training occupations, and before competitions in those sports where rules provided a certain body weight: boxing, weightlifting, etc. Also those who watches the weight have to know these subtleties: dancers, those who does rhythmic gymnastics, and many others to whom excess weight is contraindicated on the medical bases.

Quite often women apply on face skin, hands, a neck etc. creams or special cosmetic masks (honey, grassy etc.), and then go to pair office. Skin thus sweats, excretes fat, and creams flow down.