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Also the maintenance of a lysine that reflects improvement of food qualities increased. Considerable variability in protein content and a lysine in it at triticale in comparison with wheat indicates possibility of further improvement of quality of protein at this culture in parallel with continuation of selection on such signs as productivity and a vypolnennost zerna./10/

A number of researches are carried out and the chemical characteristic of the new and zoned Polish grades of triticale is given. Compared quality and a chemical composition of 21 new grades of triticale, grades of Zacko and Grado triticale of wheat of a grade of Rota and a winter rye of a grade of Dankowskie Zlote.

Triticale grain is also characterized by the raised ash-content, lower maintenance of carbohydrate components and availability in it of specific carbohydrates of a rye - a trifruktozana. Proteins of grain of triticale on average contain 5-10% of albumine, 6-7% of globulins, 30-37% of prolamin and 15-20% of glyutemin. All types of triticale have more water-soluble nitrogen, than parental forms. In triticale grain in comparison with wheat, contains more than free irreplaceable amino acids, such as a lysine,, a leucine and others owing to what the biological value of triticale is higher, than at wheat. The main component of grain of triticale, as well as other cereals, starch is. 3/4 weights of grain fall to its share.

Relative levels and - amylase and inhibitors and - amylases were studied in 36 samples of a flour of the cultivated and wild form of rice, 27 samples of a flour of triticale and in an individual order - 1 rice. Analyses were carried out gel - beam diffusion and colorimetric from a spektrofotometrichesky long wave of 280 nanometers. Levels of values and - amylase and inhibitors and - amylases were higher in triticale, than in rice (certain as diameter of a circle of diffusion in get 16,5-15,4 and 16,8-15,9 mm. With rice and triticale many big distinctions in level and - amylases, than in inhibitors and - amylases are shown. The dispersion of amplitude of these parameters was broader in rice, than in triticale samples. The ratio of coefficients between the level of enzyme and inhibitor was - 0,03 in samples of a flour rice, - 0,08 in rice samples - grains and 0,61 in triticale flour samples./13/

It is possible to find data on protein content in triticale grain which misled in literature. Some messages on extremely high protein content can be explained with the following reasons. The first lines of triticale are characterized by frequent formation of the wrinkled grains in which the relation endosperm to a germ + a cover was lower in comparison with usual wheat. As the germ, a guard and an aleurone of grain is rather richer with nitrogen, than endosperms, the wrinkled grains yielded more a good result when determining nitrogen across Kyeldal, than executed zerna./4/

Besides, large grain differs in the high relative content in it endosperm, therefore, the bigger exit of a flour can be provided from such grain. In technological processes especially valuable it is considered grain, large on width and thickness, in this case its sphericity is higher that defines higher contents endosperm.

A number of researches on influence of nitric food and regulation of growth of a hlormekvat on fineness, the content of nitrogen and amino-acid composition of grain of triticale are carried out. Influence of agrochemical actions on technical characteristics of grain of the grades of triticale Lasko, Salvo, Lokal, Newton which are grown up in Scotland is shown. The data on the mass of 1000 grains containing nitrogen, asparoginovy acids, cysteine, glutaminovy acids, a histidine, a serin, an alanin, a leucine, methionine, a fenilalamin, a tirozin and a valin are provided.

It is known that grain density with increase of the content of starch increases, and with protein content on the contrary - decreases. This especially to become noticeable by comparison of sizes of density of triticale to wheat and a rye. Relative it is less than content of starch in triticale, and the squirrel is more.

The gluten of triticale was poor quality, its contents does not exceed 10%. The flour of triticale contains more albumine and globulins, than in wheat flour. Rheological properties of dough from a flour of triticale were worse, taste of bread a little slashche./11/

Also investigated grains summer to a tritikla of grades of Zlafar and Soko and winter Kg 2pokazano triticale that especially high content of crude protein was in grain of a summer grade. At grades large grain with a good vypolnennost and the high contents belka./12/