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The name of a tower reminds us that once here, on the Kremlin hill, dense pine forest rustled. Some researchers connect the name of a tower that at the time of Dmitry Donskoy this site of the white stone Kremlin was built by residents of Borovsk – large shopping center of that time.

In the XVI-XVII centuries water level in the river of Neglinnaya was highly raised by dams so water surrounded a tower from all directions. Its initial height over the level of the earth equaled to 18 meters. It was possible to drive in a tower from the city only on the inclined bridge.

Between Spassky and Nabatny towers, directly on the Kremlin wall, the small turret – Imperial settles down. In the ancient time, judging by plans of Moscow, on this place there was a tetrahedral wooden tower. The legend says that from this tower the tsar Ivan the Terrible watched from walls of the Kremlin the events made on the Red Square.

However, the citadel built by Dolgorukiy was not the first fortification construction in the territory of the modern Kremlin. Archeologists proved that at the beginning of the XII century there was a small fortress, perhaps, the lock of the local feudal lord here.

But water did not do any harm to neither the tower, nor the archive stored in it. In the ancient time from the Angular Arsenalny tower there was a secret passage to the river of Neglinnaya. In the XV-XVI centuries the tower was strengthened the additional wall which is bending around its semicircle.

So, we see, what extensive part of national history is covered by a paper subject. It is unconditional that it and the history of our culture embodied in a stone and metal. As you managed to notice, the Kremlin represents very extensive complex of the buildings, monuments and the areas including also a set of the modern museums and even the mausoleum. It is almost impossible to consider in details such quantity of outstanding examples of architecture of the past therefore it was necessary to be limited only to key parameters and data concerning the studied objects. However, my work contains sufficient number of the facts and data for drawing up objective opinion on the Kremlin as about an architectural complex. Not to sink in the mass of minor details, in the paper the history and architectural features of each part of the Kremlin are laconically stated. I hope, my work nevertheless covers quite fully vast majority of the Kremlin beauty.

Hours which usually call a chiming clock, have four dials, diameter of everyone – the 12th meter, height of figures – 72 centimeters, length of an hour hand – the 97th meter, minute – the 28th meter. Gross weight of the mechanism of hours – about 25 tons.