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The advancing rates foreign economic relations that led to growth of value of NIS in the world economy develop. In the international division of labor testify to a deep inclusiveness rather high export and import quota, especially at Asian NIS, and a share in world trade. Surpassed the leading capitalist states in the total cost of export of goods of NIS (except Germany and SSh. Nearly 1/2 all exports from the developing states are the share of NIS.

Higher rates export of these countries develops; possessing high competitiveness, production of their manufacturing industry intensively wins the world markets. NIS turned into the largest world exporters of footwear, clothes, textile products, promptly increase export of the household electronic equipment, personal computers, electronic computer facilities, cars and other types of hi-tech goods. These countries not only managed to find the niche in the world market, but also to press competitors from among the developed states.