Einstein S Lesson On How To Be Responsible

Is there a purpose to write a story for kids

Surprising business: to read these three offers and it is not difficult to understand their sense at all. And here to say everyone on three times, without having made thus any mistake, incredibly difficult. And here all charm of tongue twisters just is also concealed: they fill a huge gap between technology of silent reading (it at many children is developed well) and the live speech in addition still such when purity of each sound is controlled in the most strict way by companions. After all tongue twisters by the nature are tools of the general, but not individual use. Tongue twisters carry away everything even if for children it is not set any target task. Competitions cause simply passion.

Sociologists attached the increasing significance and give to communicative function of a family. It is possible to call the following components of this function: mediation of a family in contact of the members with mass media (television, radio, periodicals), literature and art; influence of a family on diverse communications of the members with surrounding environment and on nature of her perception; organization of intra family communication.

Family leisure includes: reading, hearing of radio, viewing of telecasts, meetings with relatives, friends and acquaintances, visit of libraries, theaters, concert halls and movie theaters; carrying out annual vacation; visit of parks, tourist campaigns, excursions, Walks on the nature; sports activities, participation in competitions, in carrying out holidays.

The family makes the most active impact on development of spiritual culture, on a social orientation of the personality, motives of behavior. Being micromodel of society for the child, the family appears the major factor in development of system of social installations and formations of vital plans. Public rules are for the first time realized in a family, cultural values of society are consumed through a family, the knowledge of other people begins with a family. Range of impact of a family on education of children is so wide, as well as the range of public influence.

availability of training - is defined by the level of informative opportunities of trainees, need of the organization of process of the doctrine of listeners for "a zone of their next intellectual development" when the level of training is noticeably high, but for trainees is achievable;

The family is social structure, primary and most sensitive to public changes. Education of children takes place not only houses, but also in a children's day nursery, gardens, schools. Training of children was assumed entirely by educational institutions. Entertainments and rest take place outdoors more and more. Disintegration of a three-generation family complicates transfer of moral values, weakens control of seniors over the younger. It is promoted also by development of public transport. Children easily move for family striking distances. Yaselny education, providing to the child leaving and food, cannot compensate parental love and caress. And it also becomes one of the reasons of loss of consciousness of children.

One of difficulties of continuity of experience of generations consists that children should seize that knowledge and specialties which were inaccessible to their parents. Therefore here cannot there be a speech about direct transfer of professional experience.

As society influences a family, creating its certain type, and the family has considerable impact on development and a way of life of society. The family possesses an important role in acceleration of economic and social development of society, in education of younger generation, in achievement of happiness by each person.