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It is expedient also leasing, however it is impossible to forget that it - an expensive. Especially, if it is not about retrofitting of operations, and about creation of complete capacities that demands, as we know, especially high organizational definition.

It is necessary to remember in this sense and the concept "internal production reserves", that use of reserves, with use of the equipment, is the most important direction of the application of efforts of the enterprises in present conditions.

Automobile motors do not only automobile works, but also a number of specialized plants (Yaroslavl - for trucks, - for automobile works in Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Tyumen, Ufa - for "Muscovites").

The directions of the application of efforts can be the following. First, partial modernization of products. She, in principle, demands rather small depth of changes and expenses. However nature of changes has to be sufficient to provide steady sale of a product, and in general economically expedient.

Calculations proved: from the point of view of both production creation, and consumption of its product the closest of the states is necessary. Confirms them and foreign experience: the of the world community develops on the way of a wide of scientific and industrial capacity of all countries, and as of integration some largest manufacturing firms act literally.

Automotive industry includes in the structure besides release of cars also production of motors, electric equipments, bearings, trailers, etc. which are issued at the enterprises.

The main part of the enterprises already analysed the and ways of restoration of former volumes of production, preservation of workplaces in new, exclusively adverse. And made it competently. The guarantee to that is experience and knowledge of the management accumulated by decades of work in the most difficult conditions without indulgences and privileges on financing, materialyyono-technical providing, remuneration level, etc.