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The list of an index for the analysis and forecasting of a konyyuktura of the market has to be the biggest as without coverage of all sectors of the market the konyyuktur of the market cannot estimate in general, to catch all tendencies of a modulation of the capital between sectors. The list has to include preference shares. The size of the list can be limited only by opportunities of definition of the market quotation of those actions which are included into the list of such index. As it is represented, now there is an opportunity to define the market quotation of 110-120 common stocks and 35-40 exclusive (the list of an index can consist of 145-160 elements, including preference shares as separate elements.

AvgBAsk - average value of the best prices of sale. Is defined on the basis of information of the &-LIST database as an arithmetic average of the best (minimum on the prices of 25% of quotations for sale presented on the date of calculation.

At calculation of the & Indexes market capitalization is determined by each of the securities included in listing proceeding from the issued common stocks. Thus it is considered only already placed issues of common stocks.

The principles of drawing up and change of listings of actions and the considered number of actions for calculation of the & Indexes. Listings of issuers for calculation of the & Indexes are formed taking into account influence of their securities on a market situation. As the major factors defining extent of such influence market capitalization and liquidity of actions are accepted.

As it is required to catch inflow or outflow of the capital in this or that sector, it is necessary to analyze those indicators which this movement of the capital influences. Inflow of the capital cannot but influence capitalization of the enterprise - pressure of the capital is the share only of that part of stocks of the enterprise which is in free circulation.

The decision on inclusion of new releases in calculation of Indexes is made after obtaining the official report on share issue results. Date of inclusion of new releases in calculation of Indexes appears advisory council &. Thus date of entering of these changes into the register of shareholders is taken into account.

Need to use as a method of averaging of geometrical average is a consequence of use of equal weighing. Thus. It is possible to come to the unique formula of such index: