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The knife and the cutting head of a kutter are used for crushing of meat in sausage production. The knife of a crescent form has a landing opening on the wide party for installation on a shaft of the cutting head of a kutter. Its cutting edge is located on the forward convex party. On the back concave party of a knife the through openings connected to its internal rectilinear channel which curvature corresponds to curvature of a back wall of a knife are executed. On the one hand the channel is connected to a landing opening of a knife. Knives are got on a hollow shaft of the cutting head with a certain shift relatively one another. During the work of a kutter in hollow to a shaft of a head the vacuum promoting penetration expiring under pressure of water in the forcemeat which is in a bowl of a kutter is created. The design of knives provides uniform distribution of water in forcemeat and excludes its allocation from it at the end of crushing that takes place in known designs of kutter with water supply directly in their bowl.

At a kutterovaniye knives of a straight line and a crescent form with two cutting edges with a frequency of rotation of a knife shaft of 1500 min.-1 forcemeat and samples of sausages made of it had the best rheological and organoleptic indicators. Power costs of a kutterovaniye direct and crescent with two cutting edges knives are 10% lower than power costs of a kutterovaniye a usual crescent knife. At the same time in separate experiments by researchers forcemeat and finished goods with the best rheological properties at a forcemeat kutterovaniye were received by a crescent knife and two cutting edges with a frequency of dyeing of 1500 min.-1, than at a kutterovaniye a direct knife at an identical expense of power. With increase in speed of cutting influence of a form of the cutting tools on rheological, power and other indicators of forcemeat and finished goods increases. High quality of crushing and decrease in power consumption is noted during the work of crescent knives with four cutting edges executed under certain corners in comparison with knives of a usual crescent form.

Researches of rheological properties of forcemeat at various speed of cutting of knives of a kutter and duration of a kutterovaniye showed that with increase of speed of cutting viscosity of forcemeat increases. Thus the general power consumption did not increase by crushing due to reduction of duration of a kutterovaniye. The maximum viscosity (636) and the best quality (on an organoleptic otsenk were at forcemeat, kutterovanny 2min with a frequency of rotation of knives 3000 mii-

where V - the geometrical capacity of a bowl, m3;  - loading coefficient on the main raw materials;  - density of kutteruyemy forcemeat, kg/m Was measured on electronic scales by weighing of a piece of forcemeat by the sizes of 50-100-250 (mm); t – duration of a kutterovaniye, min.

Such small effort of cutting to increase operating time of knives to a repoint by 3 times in comparison with a 4-knife head. During the work as a 8-knife head firmness of kutterny knives to a repoint made 72ch.

Kutter is intended for thin crushing of meat and contains: the vacuum chamber consisting of the top and lower parts; bowl; a cover with shaft; lever; the vacuum highway with the flexible pipeline. A shaft and the lever hollow, and the vacuum highway is formed by a cavity of a shaft and the lever and the entrance to it is in the top part of a cover. The bowl is placed with a gap of rather internal surface of a chamber which area is less than an area of an entrance of vacuum system. During a kutterovaniye at inclusion of vacuum system of absorption of parts of mincemeat does not occur that promotes increase in a resource of its work and reduction of duration of achievement of the demanded pressure in a chamber, i.e. to improvement of eksplutatsionny characteristics of a kutter.

Horizontal position of installation of a bowl is controlled by means of level or water, pouring it in a bowl (water level in a bowl has to be identical from all its parties). Then check completeness of the car, existence of bearings, driving pulleys, maple belts and the cutting tool.