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In some developing countries the certain experience on collecting, storage and use of solid waste is saved up. It, first of all, belongs to Costa Rica. But it is only single examples. Even in the most economically developed agglomeration of "the third world" São Paulo (the largest city of the Southern hemisphere) is not present the sufficient areas for storage and utilization of solid waste. In the least developed region of Brazil - in the Northeast the majority of municipalities have no means for the organization of collecting solid waste. And it occurs in the country which is among the states of the world with the greatest industrial output.

Insufficiency of a water management makes an adverse effect on functioning of the formed industrial regions. Many of them gravitate to river systems. One of such examples - a river basin Damodar in India. In the period of monsoons when filling with flood waters of the operating reservoirs excess of water is lowered to the river. During a dry season there is no inflow of water and as a result of bad self-cleaning of industrial dumpings pollution of a drain sharply increases. It is necessary to use additional volumes of scarce water for dilution of pollutants and cleaning of the course in the sanitary purposes.

In developing countries the understanding of need of consideration of production and public progress in the general context of functioning of difficult ekologo-economic systems, in particular grows in the cities. But in the cities in developing countries the ecological infrastructure does not correspond to requirements of improvement of a state of environment.

distribution of city building of territories on territories, adverse on the engineering-geological and ecological conditions (hillsides with a strong erosion, highlands, the boggy or waterlogged sites and others similar places.